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Discover our radiation shielding solutions.

Anti-RAD Sheets

Durable and easy to use radiation protection sheets based on a HDPE carrier.

Anti-RAD Fabric

A lightweight PVC fabric that is ideally suited for the manufacturing of protective clothing.

Anti-RAD Products

Explore our lightweight radiation protection products based on our advanced composite materials.


This advanced material offers the same performance of lead with 80% less weight.

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Safe for humans and the environment, and fully RoHS compliant. 

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Anti-RAD can replace lead in most x-ray radiation shielding applications at lower cost.

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Our thermoplastic carriers allow for flexible, cost-efficient applications.

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The First Truly Eco-Friendly Alternative

Anti-RAD is free of hazardous substances, RoHS and REACH compliant. The material is safe for humans and the environment, addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12. Unlike traditional radiation shielding materials, Anti-RAD produces no toxic waste that endangers life and our ecosphere.

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